Get Inspired

Get inspired

Today, most consumers’ buying journey starts either with a blank canvas or a vague idea.

Cadeera helps consumers through the use of visual clues where conventional text search fails.

Through capturing preferences and understanding the individual consumer journey, Cadeera delivers personalised ideas which engage and inspire.



Our customer journey does not start with a keyword search and scrolling through 100s of products.

Cadeera allows users to visually and semantically explore an inventory in an interactive and engaging way.

Consumers can quickly eliminate irrelevant products but can also leverage our Serendipity Engine to find something unexpected.



Our recommendations are not just based on what other users may have looked at or bought.

Cadeera analyses user preferences and the style of images browsed to identify products that are the best match.

Cadeera also allows merchants to define automatic rules to create relevant collections and editions in real-time.



You may have seen it somewhere, you may have a photo, you may have spotted it on social media or in a magazine.

Cadeera provides lightning fast visual product search that allows customers to quickly find what is relevant to them on your website.

Search & discovery reimagined

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