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Econsultancy: What Will Google’s Multimodal Search and MUM Mean for SEO?

Cadeera’s Clark Boyd spoke to Econsultancy about the anticipated impact of Google’s new multimodal search technology. As Google gets closer to its customers, retailers know that a zero-party and first-party data strategy are essential.

“Search on the web has historically been mostly text-based, with searchers using words to relay what they wanted to find. Even when technology advanced enough to make innovations like visual search possible, searchers would still have to pick a single method to carry out their search: either visual input, or text input, which limits the amount of nuance that can be conveyed.

But thanks to Google’s Multitask Unified Model (or MUM) technology, it will soon be possible to combine different modes of search to obtain a more relevant result.”

Read more of Clark’s interview here.



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